Intercultural encounters through people, plants, and pigments.

What is Interwoven Traditions?

We are storytellers bringing to light the lesser known rich history of South Coast Massachusetts. Led by Rhonda Fazio, Interwoven Traditions, aims to connect people to this important history through stories, textiles and food.

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Meet Rhonda Fazio

Founder of Interwoven Traditions

Environmental Alchemist, Rhonda M. Fazio, Owner and Creative Director of Dyer Maker Studio. Artist, Teacher, Writer and Public Speaker, specializing in the art and craft of sustainable textile design, natural dyes, weaving, spinning, and storytelling.

Rhonda’s notable initiates¬†

  • Dyer Maker Studio
  • Dying To Wear It
  • La Rhonda’s Catering
  • Environmental Alchemy